Available Training Programs

Program Descriptions

Classroom Training: Classroom training consists of 30 hours of instruction. The classes are held either Monday through Friday or Monday through Thursday.. Attendance is required for all of the classes. Except two excused absences can be made up with homework.

Our instructors are State certified and conduct the classes based on privately developed material derived from our over 50 years of Drivers Education experience. This material is covered in 15 classes, each two hours in length. The class curriculum is well organized and progresses from basic knowledge of the traffic laws and vehicle controls to more advanced knowledge and more sophisticated driving scenarios. Our goal is to produce safe knowledgeable drivers who, with adequate experience, can drive safely in a wide variety of traffic and weather conditions. Our curriculum is reviewed often to make sure that it is current and that it correctly represents laws and regulations.

If a student is under 18 years of age, the classroom training must be completed before the student can begin a behind the wheel program.

Refresher Training: Refresher training is available for our classroom program. The charge for the 10 hours of classroom training is $80.

Behind the Wheel Training: The standard behind the wheel training program consists of six 2 hour sessions. The student spends one hour operating the vehicle and the other hour observing another driver. Drivers Education of the Fox Cities provides free pick up and drop off of Behind the Wheel (BTW) students over a large area within the Fox River Valley. The free pick up / drop off area includes most of Appleton, Kimberly, Combined Locks, Darboy, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Neenah and Menasha. Call for detailed boundaries or see the Drop off- Pick Up Area map. We offer flexible hours and schedules to accommodate our students but we expect our students to keep scheduled appointments. A no-show fee of $40 is charged for students who fail to keep their lesson appointments. All of our cars and drivers are equipped with cellular phones.

Drivers Education of the Fox Cities makes its cars available for the state road (licensing) test. A $60 fee is charged for the use of the car during the first road test. If a second road test is required a $45 fee is charged for the use of our vehicle. The use of our car is entirely optional.

The State of Wisconsin imposes 2 other requirements on our program: A minimum of 19 days must lapse between the first lesson and the sixth (last) lesson. Behind the wheel training must begin within 60 days of receiving your temporary license (temps).

Adult Lessons: Adult lessons are available for adult drivers who want to improve their driving skills or for those who may not have driven for an extended period of time. Private lessons are given at the rate of $90 per hour.