Program Information


    • *Classroom and Behind the Wheel-$435
    • *Online Course and BTW –$410
    • *Hybrid Classroom/Online and BTW-$435
      • •Classroom Only (under age 18)-$225
      • •BTW Only (under age 18) – $350
      • •Online Course Only – $99
      • (Call office for $99 Online course)
    • *Failure to Yield in-person classroom-$50
    • *Adult BTW lessons – call 920-731-2121
    • *Kimberly BTW students – $325


Drivers’ Education of the Fox Cities is a leader in driving school education in the Appleton and Fox Cities area. We are proud to provide consistent, high-quality education to our students. Our program is competitively priced and provides good value to our customers. The goal of our program is to provide students with the knowledge and practice to safely operate a motor vehicle in a variety of situations and road conditions. We will accomplish this through:

      1. Our Facilities will be neat, clean and safe. Students will have a work area that allows easy visibility to all instructional equipment, and visual aids.
      2. Our Instructors will be state certified and will be knowledgeable, punctual and courteous.
      3. Our Curriculum will be written and reviewed frequently. It will follow a logical sequence from basic driving skills to more sophisticated driving scenarios. The curriculum will utilize up to date relevant materials, including the State of Wisconsin Motorists Manual, worksheets and videos.
      4. Our Work Environment will allow us to recruit and retain professional, courteous instructors through flexible hours, fair compensation and open communications.
      5. Convenient class location and times. We have 7 locations in the Appleton, Little Chute, Kaukauna areas.


We want our students to be safe, aware and responsible when they share the road with other drivers. With driving related fatalities being the number one killer of teenagers in the United States, we want to ensure students are not just passing a test and getting a license. Our highly trained, professional and qualified instructors have years of experience. This experience will be utilized to teach and prepare students for the responsibility and privilege of driving.


Classroom Training for Driver’s Education: Classroom training consists of 30 hours of instruction. The classes are held either Monday through Friday or Monday through Thursday. Attendance is required for all of the classes. Two excused absences can be made up with homework during the first two weeks of class only.

Hybrid/Blended Drivers Education Class:
The Hybrid/Blended Drivers Education course offers students the best of both worlds – the classroom experience for 1 week then finishing the course using our Online Program. With the Hybrid class, the student only has to commit to 5 days of attending the classroom. The remainder can be completed at his/her own pace in the Online program. This is an ideal class for busy students who still want the classroom experience, but not the in class time commitment. Students taking the Hybrid program will have a Final test on Unit 60 in the Online portion and must score a 70% or higher. Once they have completed the Online portion of the program, the student will then need to stop at our office to get their MV3001 (drivers license application) signed, stamped and dated before they can go to the DMV to take the Temps test.

NOTE: The student cannot go to the DMV or stop at our office to have their form signed until they have turned 15.


Online “New State of the Art”  Program:

Drivers Education of the Fox Cities is now offering an Updated State of the Art Online Classroom Course which has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The course will consist of 30 one hour lessons which will meet the 30 hour classroom requirement. The student can do up 2 hours per day and complete the course in as little as 15 days or a maximum of 90 days. The student will take a short quiz at the end of each unit to help insure they understand the material. 

The total Driver Education Program consists of this 30 hour online program plus 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation for the Behind the Wheel portion of the program.

Students must take the Temps Test at the DMV once they complete the on-line course and have turned 15 .  Before going to the DMV, stop at the Driver’s Education office to get the MV3001 (driver’s license application form) signed, stamped and dated. Make sure to have the student’s Social Security card and either the Original Birth Certificate or a Valid Passport to take to the DMV.

We want to caution students that Driver’s Education companies from out of State and out of the Fox Cities area will also be offering an online course but MAY NOT be making the behind the wheel training readily available. Driver’s Education of the Fox Cities will provide the full program to our students.

To register for this program please click the button on this page and choose one of the two options available.

Refresher Training for Driver’s Education: Refresher training is available for our classroom program. The charge for the 10 hours of classroom training is $80.

Behind the Wheel Training for Driver’s Education: The standard behind the wheel training program consists of six 2-hour sessions. The student spends one hour operating the vehicle and the other hour observing another driver. Drivers Education of the Fox Cities provides free pick up and drop off of Behind the Wheel (BTW) students over a large area within the Fox River Valley. The free pick up / drop off area includes most of Appleton, Kimberly, Combined Locks, Darboy, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Neenah and Menasha.   Call for detailed boundaries or see the Location and Maps page. We offer flexible hours and schedules to accommodate our students, but we expect our students to keep scheduled appointments. A no-show fee of $50 is charged for students who fail to keep their lesson appointments without a 24 hour notice. All of our cars and drivers are equipped with cellular phones.

Drivers Education of the Fox Cities has our cars available to use for the state road (licensing) test. A $60 fee is charged for the use of a car during the first road test. If a second road test is required a $50 fee is charged for the use of our vehicle. The use of our car is entirely optional and only for students who completed the Drivers Education program through us and are under the age of 18.

The State of Wisconsin requires that a minimum of 19 days must lapse between the first lesson and the sixth (last) behind the wheel lesson.

Adult Lessons: Adult lessons are available for adult drivers who want to improve their driving skills or for those who may not have driven for an extended period of time. Private lessons are given at the rate of $90 per hour or a package of 6 BTW lessons for $450.00 – Please call 731-2121 for more information.