Is your school and instructors certified by the State of Wisconsin?

  • Yes

What is necessary to enroll?

  • You have two options to enroll.  Find a class schedule on our website at: driversedfoxcities.com and fill out our on-line registration form or you may call our office at 731-2121 between 8:00-4:30, Monday -Friday.
  • A deposit is required to hold a student’s place in a class.

Can I enroll in only the classroom or Behind the wheel portions of the program?

  • Yes.  While we encourage students to enroll in the program as a package, we understand there may be situations where an individual may need to separate those.  Please call our office at (920)731-2121  for any specific questions you may have.

Where are the classes held?

  • We have two dedicated local classrooms in the Fox Valley area:  117 N. Douglas St, Appleton, WI;  and 109 E. Eighth St, Kaukauna, WI.
  • We also conduct classes throughout the year at many local high schools:  Appleton East, West, North, Xavier, and Little Chute.
  • Please see our class schedule for dates/times.

What is the length of the training program?

  • Classroom: 15 two-hour sessions
  • Behind the Wheel: 6 Two-hour driving sessions. One hour of driving coupled with one hour of observation time while another student drives.

When can I get my Instruction Permit (Temps)?

  • An individual must be 15 years of age, and either actively enrolled in a Driver’s Education class or have completed a class. Additionally, they must pass the State knowledge and signs test.

How do I schedule my Behind-the-Wheel lessons?

  • Once you have notified  our office and given us both your Temps license number and issue date, you will be assigned an instructor as soon as one becomes available.

What if I have to re-schedule a BTW lesson?

  • Simply call your BTW instructor to inform him/her of your need to re-schedule.  NOTE: any cancellation not done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment will incur a $50 penalty fee.  Students are encouraged to be responsible to manage their personal schedules and keep track of these appointments.

When I get my Temps license can I drive even if I haven’t started my Behind-the-Wheel lessons?

  • YES!  In fact, we encourage you to begin driving with a parent/guardian to develop vehicle handling skills, as well as begin applying knowledge of traffic laws/situation that are learned in class.  Doing so will be to your advantage when the formal BTW lessons begin.

When can I do my road test?

  • If you are under age 18, you must be 16 years of age and hold the Temps license for a minimum of six months.

Can I do my road test at any DMV location?

  • Yes.  No matter where you live in the state of Wisconsin, you can take your road test at any DMV location in the state.

How do I schedule my road test?

  • You must schedule your road test online at the DOT website.  Simply follow the instructions provided on the site. We have a link on our website at: driversedfoxcities.com

Can I do a class online?

  • Yes, both our full Online class and Hybrid/blend programs are now available. To register, just go to our online course on the class schedule page and submit the information required or call our office at (920) 731-2121 to enroll.